Exhibitions, awards and other


March 05          Saragossa. Boston Hotel Gallery.

November 05   Saragossa. Baobab Restaurant.

December 05   Saragossa. Camón Aznar Museum.

January 06       Saragossa. Agr. Art. Aragonesa Gallery.

January 06       Alcañiz. Alcañiz Exhibitions Gallery.

March 06          Madrid. Amador de los Ríos Art Gallery.

May 06              Saragossa. Puerta Cinegia Gothic GAllery.

May 06              Jaca. Arrechea Gallery. (with sculptor J. A. Barrios)

May 06              Saragossa. Boston Hotel.

June 06            Peñíscola. Peñíscola Castle

July 06             Huesca. Ibercaja Exhibitions Gallery.

November 06  Saragossa. Baobab Restaurant

December 06  Saragossa. Multicaja Exhibitions Gallery.

January 07      Huesca. Multicaja Exhibitions Gallery.

February 07    Vitoria. Fournier Art Gallery

March 07         Saragossa. Aragon Government.

April 07            Pau (France). Palais Beaumont.

May 06             Saragossa. Boston Hotel.

October 07       Saragossa. Boston Hotel Gallery.

October 07       Saragosse. Multicaja Exhibitions Galley.

November 07  Huesca. Multicaja Exhibitions Gallery.

January 08      Saragossa. Agr Artística Aragonesa Gallery.

February 08     Saragossa. Prof. Aragon Dental Association

February 08     New York City. Agora Gallery.

March 08          Saragossa. Aragon Government.

April 08             Saragossa. Caja Duero Gallery.

May 08              Saragossa. Boston Hotel.

October 08        Saragossa. Multicaja Exhibitions Gallery.

November 08   Huesca. Multicaja Exhibitions Gallery.

January 09       Saragossa. Agr. Art. Aragonesa Gallery.

February 09     New York City. Agora Gallery.

March 09          Zaragoza. Aspanoa.

May 09              Santa Ana (Californa). Assunta Fox Gallery.

May 09              Saragossa. Boston Hotel.

July 09              Laguna Beach (California). Sandstone Gallery

November 09   Saragossa. Real Zaragoza Club de Tenis.

January 10       Saragossa. Agr Artística Aragonesa Gallery.

March 10          Saragossa. Aragon Government. Aspanoa.

May 10              Saragossa. Boston Hotel.

May 10              Saragossa. Aragon Government.

January 11       Saragossa. Agrupación artística Aragonesa Gallery.

May 11              Saragossa. Boston Hotel.

October 11        Saragossa. Multicaja Gallery.

January 12       Saragossa. Agr Artística Aragonesa Gallery.

April 12             Saragossa. Morlanes Palace Museum.

May 12              Saragossa. Boston Hotel.

January 13       Saragossa. Agr Artística Aragonesa Gallery.

May 13              Saragossa. Boston Hotel.

October 13        Saragossa. Santander Gallery.

January 14       Saragossa. Agr Artística Aragonesa Gallery.

March 14          Saragossa. Pablo Serrano Museum. Aspanoa.

May 14              Saragossa. Boston Hotel.

October 14        Saragossa. Santander Gallery.

January 15       Saragossa. Agr Artística Aragonesa Gallery.

May 15              Saragossa. Boston Hotel.

October 15        Saragossa. Santander Gallery.

December 15   Tarazona. San Atilano Space.

January 16       Saragossa. Agr Artística Aragonesa Gallery.

January 16       Houston (USA). Aurora Studios.

February 16     Houston (USA). Institute of Hispanic Culture.

March 16          Milan (Italy).

April 16             Saragossa. Pablo Serrano Museum. Aspanoa.

May 16              Saragossa. Boston Hotel.

July 16              Santa Fe (USA). Santa Fe Convention Center.

September 16  Monaco. Espace Fontvieille.

February 17      Houston (USA). Impulse Art.

March 17           Saragossa. Real Zaragoza Tennis Club.

April 17             Dubai. Alliance Française

May 17              Saragossa. Boston Hotel.

July 17              San Sebastian. Donostiartean.

October 17        Calatayud. Adafa.

October 17        Dubai. Alliance Française

July 18              Cannes (France). Palais des Festivals.

September 18  Madrid. Galeria Gaudi.

January 20       Houston (USA). Impulse Art.

May 21               Houston (USA). Impulse Art.


December 06    “Abundance”: Spanish Government IV Painting Awards selected artwork.

December 06    Member of ADAFA (Aragon Figurative Artists Association).

December 06    “Looking for her place”: Adafa Winter Exhibition selected artwork.

May 07               “Inner peace”: Adafa Spring Exhibition selected artwork.

August 07          Member AVE MARIA Painting Foundation (Barcelona).

August 07          Represented in New Your (USA) by Agora Gallery.

October 07        “Happy anniversary”: Adafa Autumn Exhibition first prize.

May 08               “Unconditional love”: ADAFA Spring Exhibition selected artwork.

December 08    Represented in California (USA) by Assunta Fox Gallery.

May 09               “Personality”: Special mention at Boston Hotel Spring Exhibition

May 14               “I take my own decisions”: Adafa Spring Exhibition selected artwork.

October 14        “Fulfilled dreams”: Special mention at the Santander Bank Winter Exhibition.

February 16      “Wild spirit”: Honorable Mention at the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston.

February 17      "Lo he conseguido": First Prize at Women in the Arts 2017 exhibition.

January 20         “The angels are allways there for you”: Honorable Mention at Perspective 2020.                                              Houston.

May 21              "A happy walk": Honorable Mention at the 30th anniversary of the Museum of the                                            Americas.


Private, corporate and institutuional. Among others: Boston Hotel (Saragossa), Multicaja Bank (Saragossa), Castellon Fine Arts Museum, Ave María Foundation (Sitges)



March 05       Alfonso Zapater. Heraldo de Aragón.

... La naturaleza, los árboles y las flores se adentran efectivamente en el alma. La poesía está presente en cada trazo, lanzando su hermoso y profundo mensaje. Quizás el secreto reside…. 


March 06       Carmen Castro Ingalaturre. Arts History Proffessor. expansión expresionista de la mancha de color, la plasticidad de los empastes y el sugestivo toque impresionista en sotobosques y follaje....


March 06       El Punto de las Artes (año XXI, nº 822, Madrid).

...primaveras henchidas de color, explosiones de vida y emoción ante las formas naturales, profundamente coloreadas...


February 07   Angel Gaínza. Gallery Director. Bilbao, febrero 2007.

...temas de la naturaleza, en la cual se adentra y de la que se nutre en su amplia gama de colores, y consigue unos matices brillantes, limpios y...


September 07 fine art resources available worldwide

... Her refined oil paintings use a wide range of “clean and brilliant” colors, ...for a warm composition, and her connection to the natural elements to create realist renderings of …. 


November 07 ARTisSpectrim. Vol 18. November 2007. Nueva York..

Guardiola translates that intangible yet very real aspect of who people are through flora imagery. Her flowers consequently embody human characteristics...


December 07 Agora Gallery Winter Newsletter

Susana Guardiola's "Happy Anniversary" oil on canvas was awarded the first prize at the XXI ADAFA (Aragon Figurative Artists Association) Painting and Sculpture Autumn Exhibition.


February 08   New York. "1888 Press Release"

... and her connection to the natural elements to create realist renderings of trees, flowers and animals that express and symbolize the intricacies and subtleties of the human soul...


March 08       Spanish TV show “A tu gusto”

45min live interview about how is it posible to describe the inner side of an individual and about held exhibitions.


September 08 fine art resources available worldwide

...A mark of a talented artist is when their work can call directly to the viewer's soul, but few artists can paint someone's true spirit. One of these rare artists is Susana Guardiola, ….


January 09     New York. “Spain in New York”. Consulate General of Spain in New York.

Selecting elements from the natural landscape—trees, flowers, and plants—Guardiola creates a beautiful and colorful image of the spirit…


February 09   New York. Press release Spider.

A single bloom, centrally placed in the canvas climbs up the surface to represent a single person, while a field of flowers might symbolize a group of individuals.


March 09       New York. OpenPR

Reflections of the soul, by Susana Guardiola.


April 09                     New York. FineArtPublicity

Reflections of the soul, by Susana Guardiola.


May-09                     New York. ARTisSpectrum magazine. Vol 20.

Hence, the beauty of much of her work lies in her detailing of delicate flora and in the magisterial intricacies of trees. By presenting both the sturdiness as well as the fragility…


June 09                     Los Angeles. ARTSlant.

Spain based artist Susana Guardiola paints with the intention of using paint as a device to depict the saturation of human feeling.


June 09                     Santa Ana (CA). High Art.

Through flora imagery Susana translates the human soul.


June 09                     Orange County (CA). Art and Music.

Through flora imagery Susana translates the human soul.


January 11     European Communities Artist Library. “100 contemporary Internationa artists”.

…trees, flowers and plant life, Guardiola creates a colorfull image of the spirit…