• I love you 39.4x47.2
  • Inner revolution 31.5x39.4
  • I know what you want to tell me 31.5x31.5
  • Loving too much 31.9x45.3
  • Inseparable 11.8x35.4
  • The angels are allways there for you 31.5x39.4
  • Recovering 28.7x39.4
  • Positive energy 39.4x47.2
  • Tender caresses 27.6x27.6
  • Reward for the soul 31.5x39.4 sep17
  • Searching for her site 23.6x35.4
  • Storm day 19.7x39.4
  • Watching life from the window 35.4x35.4
  • Whispers 28.7x45.7
  • Abundancia

Artist's statement


I want to dedicate my life to try making people happy through my paintings. In other words, my works are paintings for the soul.  

Since being a student at the Fine Arts University in Zaragoza, my home town, converting feelings and thoughts into flowers and trees related images was as natural to me as breathing. For some time personal obstacles did not allow me to paint. But a few key individuals became spiritual patrons to me and helped broke those barriers down and brought my inner light up. The main ones: my twin soul and my three sparrows.

Many artists look at the outward appearance of people, paying attention to the details and trying to be the closest possible to their appearance in their artworks. I rather look at the inside of a person, trying to discover what resides in the depths of their hearts, intuitively bringing the hidden beauty of an individual to the surface of the canvas. 

Basically, my paintings include colourful images of either trees, flowers or plant life. In some cases, I just look deeply into the soul of one person and describe his/her inner side in terms of flower petals, tree branches or blades of grass.