recursos de bellas artes a nivel mundial.

Spanish painter Susana Guardiola does more than paint for the soul, as her personal slogan “paintings for the soul” suggests, she paints the soul.

Her refined oil paintings use a wide range of “clean and brilliant” colors, softly applied to the canvas for a warm composition, and her connection to the natural elements to create realist renderings of trees, flowers and animals that express and symbolize the intricacies and subtleties of the human soul.

All it takes is one photograph for Guardiola to pull out an individual’s essence and put it on canvas. Critics have likened her abilities to that of the poet who seamlessly transforms emotions into words. And like the poets she is compared to, there is no greater pleasure for Guardiola than to see her paintings, saturated with human feeling, bring out the personal feelings of a viewer.

Susana Guardiola was born in Zaragoza, Spain. After a personal break, she returned to painting in 2003. Her work has been featured in both group and solo exhibitions.