Nueva York. Noviembre 2007. ARTisSpectrum. Vol 18.

While most people look at the outward appearance of a person, Susana Guardiola peers into an individual’s soul. She sees past the boundaries of flesh and bone, discovering what resides in the depths of their hearts. She therefore paintsintuitively, bringing the hidden beauty of an individual to the surface of the canvases.

Guardiola translates that intangible yet very real aspect of who people are through flora imagery. Her flowersconsequently embody human characteristics. In some paintings, petals gingerly open towards the sun, much like ahuman would guard their heart before slowly opening up to someone new. In other paintings, the flower petals peelback so that the pistil looks like it’s hissing at a competitorión.

Guardiola’s brushstroke and color scheme say as much about a person’s soul as what she references as her subject matter. By varying the length of her lines, she can depict two trees with very dissimilar qualities, though she uses earthy tones for both. Every aspect of her painting proves a purpose. Even the grass surrounding the flowers indicates the state of emotion the painting conveys.

Susana Guardiola was born in 1964 in Zaragoza, Spain. Her first individual exhibit took place in her hometown in 2005 and she has since gone on to have paintings exhibit in both Europe and the United States.