Susana Guardiola is able to look deeply into the soul of another and conjure an image which relates that individual’s true self.

Selecting elements from the natural landscape: trees, flowers and plant life, she creates a colorful image of the spirit.

Guardiola often paints commissioned soul portraits from photographs, but other works, realized from the artist’s own mind, find their true owners later; their spiritual energy calling forth to viewers with an emotional intensity.

Her first individual exhibit took place in her hometown in 2005 and she has since then gone on to have paintings exhibit in both Europe and the United States and been featured on the Spanish TV show “A tu gusto” in March 2008.

Her paintings are included in numerous private collections such as Boston Hotel (Saragossa), Multicaja Savings Bank (Saragossa), Castellon Fine Arts Museum (Castellon), Ave Maria Foundation (Sitges, Barcelona), and other.

The artist lives and works in Saragossa, Spain.

She is member of ADAFA (Aragon Figurative Artists Association) and of the Ave María Foundation (Sitges, Barcelona).

In the USA she is represented in New York by Agora Gallery and in California by Assunta Fox Gallery.